Winner of Melbourne Awards 2016 | Winner of Most Popular Indian Film Festival Abroad 2017
Welcome to IFFM 2018!

Once again we are bringing you the very best of Indian cinema in its many forms, from the glitziest blockbusters to the rarest avant garde gems. As always, you’ll experience just how broad Indian filmmaking actually is. But it’s not just the wide range of genres on offer. Our theme this year is inclusion, so whether it’s about gender, sexuality, race, being differently abled, or just being an outsider, this year’s schedule reflects the full spectrum of human experiences and how Indian cinema is shifting to represent more of them.

Acclaimed actors, writers, producers and directors will be our special guests, answering your questions in Interactive conversations and hosting special events such as the Indian Flag Hoisting and the Bollywood Dance Competition.

Speaking of competitions, we are thrilled that IFFM will host the Australian Premiere of the feature-length silent film White by Aneek Chaudhuri, one of the very first winners of the BMW Short Film Competition. The film was screened at Marche du Cannes this year and we couldn’t be more proud that Aneek’s first film was actually the winner of short film competition in 2011. It's a full circle !

This year’s winners will be awarded during the festival.

And last but not least, since kids have a way of seeing without prejudice, we’re shining a spotlight on children’s films.

So join us at IFFM 2018 for another packed season of stars, stories, music and magic and include your voice!

Mitu Bhowmick Lange
IFFM Festival Director