8 - 17 August 2019

Q & A's

Chief guest Shah Rukh Khan and Q & A with Director Rima Das:
Bulbul Can Sing - Opening Night

Chief guest Shah Rukh Khan lighting the ceremonial lamp to officially open the festival and the incredible director Rima Das will indulge us with a Q&A following the film.

“I’m looking forward to the Australian premiere of the film, interacting with the audiences there and having a conversation with them on cinema" Rima Das

Q & A with Priya Ramasubban: Chuskit

Join Priya Ramasubban as she talks about her award-winning film highlighting the triumph of will and the hardships faced by differently-abled persons.

Q & A with Vijay Krishna Acharya: Homegrown Shorts Sidebar

Watch Homegrown short films made by Australia’s with Vijay Krishna Acharya to conduct an immensely engaging Q&A with the audience after. This is for all you cinephiles and aspiring filmmakers out there!

Introduction and Q & A with Arjun Kapoor: India’s Most Wanted

Come along as Arjun Kapoor introduces his latest film about five unlikely heroes who embark on a dangerous covert operation and stay for a Q&A with the audience where he will answer you film questions!

Q & A with Sriram Raghavan: Raman Raghav & Andhadhun

Come along and watch director Sriram Raghavan’s masterpieces! Director Sriram Raghavan will indulge the audience with a Q&A about his experiences and expertise on Raman Raghav and an introduction of Andhadhun.

Introduction and Q & A with Jahnu Barua: Bhoga Khirikee

This is your chance to chat with multiple national and international award-winning Indian film director Jhanu Barua! Introducing the Australian premiere of his Assamese language film Bhoga Khirikee, Mr Barua will engage the audience in a Q & A afterwards.

Introduction and Q & A with Ranjan Ghosh and Rituparna Sengupta: Ahaa Re

Interact with director Ranjan Ghosh and lead actress Rituparna Sengupta as they introduce the Benjali drama Ahaa Re followed by a Q&A. Exploring the love for food and cooking, two people from two different worlds will take you on a journey.

Introduction by Onir: Widows of Vrindavan

Watch Onir introduce his documentary, Widows of Vrindavan, a film about "unwanted" mothers ... who try and seek solace in pursuit of divine love. The introduction and short will be followed by the screening of other award-winning shorts and documentaries including Sindhustan, A Cold Summer Night, Halwa, Shit One Carries, Red Velvet and Shame.

Q & A with Guneet Monga: Period. End of Sentence

Don't miss the Q & A with Guneet Monga, an executive producer on the Oscar winning documentary short - Period. End of Sentence directed by Rayka Zehtabchi about Indian women leading a quiet sexual revolution.

Introduction and Q & A with Vikram Phadnis: Smile Please

Come along for a Q & A with Vikram Phadnis on his film second marathi film Smile Please. Smile Please is the story of a professional photographer, played by Mukta Barve and how her life turns around when someone enters her life.

Introduction and Q & A with Mayur Katariya: Ek Aasha

Watch this amazing film Ek Aasha, which follows the quest of a transgender girl to become a teacher in India. Introduced by director Mayur Katariya, you’ll have the chance to engage in a special Q & A segment to celebrate the film.

Special Guests -Jahnu Barua, Onir, Vikram Phadnis & Rituparna:
Blinded by the light - Closing Night

Join our special guests Jahnu Barua, Onir, Vikram Phadnis and Rituparna for the highly anticipated closing night film Blinded by the Light directed by Gurinder Chadha about a teenager whose life is changed when he discovers the music of Bruce Springsteen.

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