Taj (director’s cut)
7 pm, Thursday, August 20
Year: 2014
Language: English
Running Time: 97 Minutes
Rating: M
Director: Winston Furlong
Cast: Mahesh Jadu, Coco Cherian
Film Festivals & Awards: International Film Festivals (IFF) : 16th Busan IFF (Intl. Premiere), Boston IFF ( USA), Tiburon IFF ( California, USA)
Synopsis: Set in contemporary Melbourne, Taj tells the story of a charismatic and self-indulgent Indian writer who, following a health scare, attempts to mend a neglected relationship with his young daughter from a broken previous marriage, When they discover a box of Lego bricks at a garage sale and decide to build a model of the Taj Mahal together, a whole new chapter opens up for them.