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Sunshine and Shade (Australia)
7.20 pm, Sunday, August 23 (Q & A – with Ana Tiwary)
Year: 2012
Language: English
Running Time: 52 Minutes
Rating: Festival Rating
Director: Ana Tiwary
Film Festivals & Awards: South Asian Films in Focus Parramasala 2012
University of Western Australia Perth 2013
University of Newcastle 2013
Sydney Intercultural Film Festival 2013
Mumbai International Women's Film Festival 2014
Broadcast on NDTV 2014
Synopsis: Set against the backdrop of a spate of attacks on Indian students in Australia, the World Premiere of this character-driven documentary follows the contrasting journeys of two Indian students whose expectations and reality are in constant conflict.
"What a beautiful piece of work and how insightful. Thank you for a truly excellent film"
Joel Meares, Editor, Time Out Sydney
“This film is an effort to tell untold stories and give a voice to students who remain unheard. The hope is that the film will help create a more complex and mature discussion around the issues faced by international students”
Ana Tiwary (Director/Producer Sunshine & Shade)
Ana Tiwary - Filmmaker: Ana Tiwary is a producer and director based in Sydney, Australia. She runs a production company called 'inDiVisual films' that specialises in making multicultural content for mainstream audiences. Her latest works include documentaries ‘The Holy Dip’, 'Dancing @ 100', ‘Young, Single & Spiritual’ and 'God in Games' for ABC. She has been selected by Screen Producers Australia for 'Ones to Watch' 2015. Ana holds a Masters Degree in Film & TV and fell in love with documentary storytelling while working at National Geographic Channel headquarters in Washington DC. She works on contemporary themes and her style of presenting stories is visual, compelling, entertaining yet authentic. Born in India, and having lived in Germany and the US, Ana moved to Australia over eight years ago. She is passionate about telling untold stories and creating content that brings gender, racial and cultural diversity to our screens.