7.00 pm, Friday, August 14 (Interact with Anil Kapoor , Rajkumar Hirani, Sonam Kapoor and Abhijat Joshi)
7.45 pm, Friday, August 14 (Interact with Nikhil Advani, Kangana Ranaut , Imran Khan and Simi Garewal)
Year: 2015
Language: Hindi
Running Time: 98 Minutes
Rating: Festival Rating
Director: Prashant Nair
Cast: Suraj Sharma, Tony Revolori and Smita Tambe
Film Festivals & Awards: Sundance Film Festival Audience Award, World Cinema Dramatic Audience Award at 2015 Sundance Film Festival
Synopsis: A small village in India is invigorated when one of their own travels to America (aka, UMRIKA) and details his adventures through letters home, sparking community debate and inspiring hope. But when the letters mysteriously stop coming, his younger brother Rama (Suraj Sharma) sets out on a journey to find him. With the help of his best friend Lalu (Tony Revolori), Rama retraces his brother's path to find himself charting one of his own. Set in the mid-1980s, UMRIKA is a funny and meaningful story of the lengths taken to realize one's dreams.