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A Rainy Day
7 pm, Wednesday, August 19
Year: 2014
Language: Konkana/Marathi
Running Time: 89 Minutes
Rating: Festival Rating
Director: Rajendra Talak
Cast: Sulabha Arya, Subodh Bhave, Harsh Chhaya and Mrinal Kulkarni
Film Festivals & Awards: 2 Zee Gaurav awards, Zee Gaurav. Best Cinematographer: Sanjay Jadhav and Best Sound: Resul Pookutty & Amrit Pritam
Synopsis: This is a movie about Aniket (Subodh Bhave) who has spent his life trying to make it big. His ambitions make him do various things that his wife, Mugdha, isn’t too happy about. The mystery drama takes a complete turn when Aniket, who keeps his deeds to himself, is shocked when Mugdha starts retelling stories from his childhood and present, things he wondered if he ever told her. The descriptions are vivid and they start terrifying Aniket. The underlying theme of corruption has been threaded in with ease. To add to the intense script and screenplay, Resul Pookutty, academy award winning sound engineer, works his magic by creating fantastic sound for the film.