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Nayak (The Hero)
8 pm, Sunday, August 23 
Year: 1966
Language: Bengali
Running Time: 120 Minutes
Rating: Festival Rating
Director: Satyajit Ray
Cast: Uttam Kumar, Sharmila Tagore
Film Festivals & Awards: Berlin International Film Festival: Special Mention Satyajit Ray, UNICRIT Award Satyajit Ray, National Film Awards 1967 Best Screenplay Satyajit Ray
Synopsis: The story revolves around a matinee idol on a 24-hour train journey from Kolkata to Delhi to receive a national award. However, he ends up revealing his mistakes, insecurities and regrets to a young journalist, who realises that behind all the glitter is a deeply lonely man. Her initial contempt for people like him turns into empathy, and she decides not to publish what he has revealed. His life journey is gradually revealed through seven flashbacks and two dreams during the train ride.