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Moving Bodies Moving Boundaries
Hindi and English
Introduced by Festival Guest Onir

With overwhelming philanthropic support from the Australian community, e.motion21 has created an inspiring documentary with acclaimed Indian director, Onir Anticlock. With India providing a spectacular backdrop, the film follows the lives of young people with Down syndrome: as participants from India and Australia meet at the World Down Syndrome Congress in Chennai, India.  Celebrating the beauty and similarities of two vastly different continents through the personal stories of families living with Down syndrome; this authentic film is moving, inspiring and challenging. Moving Bodies Moving Boundaries is a memorable documentary that embraces what it is to be human. 
Onir Anticlock, is an exciting and daring director and producer. Born in Bhutan, Onir made his directorial debut with documentary, Fallen Hero (1992), and produced the critically acclaimed, My Brother…Nikhil (2005). In 2009, he initiated the crowd-funded project; I AM, which won the National Award for Best Hindi Film.
HOYTS Melbourne Central
Friday August 19, 7:00 PM
India/Australia 2016 60min
Onir Anticlock