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Message from IFFM Festival Ambassador
It is always a great honour to be IFFM’s festival ambassador, and to have the opportunity to return to your wonderful city: Melbourne feels like my second home! I am always thrilled to see the ways in which Melbourne’s Indian and non-Indian communities coexist: and I am inspired by the hard work and energy that Mitu, her team, and the City of Melbourne put into creating this remarkable event.
Whether you are an aspiring filmmaker, dancer, singer, or simply love watching great cinema, IFFM 2016 has plenty to offer. IFFM 2016’s theme of female empowerment is so close to my heart; and I hope that you too will be inspired, challenged and entertained by the many highlights that this year's schedule contains. Classic and contemporary films from across India and the subcontinent will show you how diverse Indian cinema really is, while the many live events and competitions provide a stage on which to share the many talents of Indians and Australians alike. 

I am particularly excited for the launch of Mitu’s charity initiative, in partnership with Latrobe University. Train the Trainers is yet another example of how the festival reaches far beyond stage and screen to make a real impact.

Once again, a heartfelt thank you to everyone who supports this fabulous festival. I can’t wait for an encore!
Vidya Balan