Short Film Competition presented by Western Union
The theme was Freedom and the competition was fierce this year but judges Mr. Paul Cox and Kabir Khan  decided that Sati by Nilesh Desai and Give Sheep a Chance by Sean McCart were the Indian and Australian winners respectively. India's winning film played on Opening Night in front of Bollywood royalty and looked and sounded fantastic.
Australian Winner 2013
Film: Give Sheep a Chance
Director: Sean McCart

Indian Winner 2013
Film: Sati
Director: Nilesh Desai

New Zealand Winner 2013
Film: Lockie n Love
Director: Dimi Nakov

Victorian Special Mention 2013
Film: The Interview
Director: Faiz Sharif


“The Western Union Short Film Competition is a fantastic opportunity for filmmakers to showcase their content and have it watched by legendary Indian filmmakers that are otherwise hard to reach – especially from Australia. Working with a respected festival such as IFFM helps establish your name as a creator and, ultimately, you can see your content up on the big screen. It’s a thrilling experience to hear the audiences react as they watch. Since my participation I’ve secured development funding for a feature film from Film Victoria and established a YouTube channel with 80,000+ subscribers and over 300,000 views a month.”
Australian Winner 2012, Jehan Ratnatunga
“The competition is the ultimate platform an aspiring filmmaker can hope for. The exposure, the reach and the encouragement offered are unparalleled. For me, the Western Union Short Film Competition will always be a major milestone that gave me confidence, and a showcase.”
Australian winner Varan Sharma (currently assisting Shaad Ali on Kill Dil) 
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