Mr. Paul Cox
Paul Cox is an auteur of international acclaim. He is one of the most prolific film makers in Australia, with numerous features, shorts and documentaries to his name. He is a filmmaker of incredible energy, persistence and vision. Cox's oeuvre is comprised of mostly cerebral work that challenges audiences and flies in the face of conventional Hollywood fare. Over a 35 year filmmaking career, the signature traits of Cox's work are a deep humanism, a poignant and realistic focus on relationships, eclecticism, and a profound affinity with the arts and human frailty. . A film festival favourite whose retrospectives include New York's prestigious Lincoln Centre, Cox is one of the true independent filmmakers in contemporary cinema.

Vijay Krishna Acharya
He may have written dialogue, dreamt up stories, penned lyrics and contributed complete screenplays for the movies but even he might not have dreamt that his sophomore directorial outing, Dhoom 3, would end up breaking so many box-office records. A favourite of Yash Raj Films, he made his name in TV before segueing into movies and eventually directing Akshay Kumar in Tasham. With the mind-boggling success of Dhoom 3 behind him, this impressively moustached fan of Tarantino and Woody Allen has become a leading character in Bollywood.

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