COVID Safety

Your Health And Safety For #IFFM2021

Keeping in line with Victorian COVID 19 Regulations, the health and safety of our guests and the IFFM team is our foremost priority. But this cannot be possible without your support. Hence, we seek your understanding in making this festival successful while ensuring all regulation requirements are adhered to.

As our events will be hosted at HOYTS Cinemas & Federation Square, few common rules to follow:

  • Use contactless payments wherever possible
  • Practise good hygiene – wash and sanitise your hands frequently
  • Please ensure any rubbish is put in the nearest bin to avoid any littering
  • Face masks must be worn both indoors and outdoors when you leave the house, unless an exception applies.
  • If you cough/sneeze, please cover your face, dispose any tissues and make use of hand sanitisers 
  • Do avoid attending an event, at the Federation Square or Hoyts cinemas if you feeling unwell, to accommodate the safety and comfort for everyone
  • Please ensure to check-in using the QR codes available at the respective venues

Request to follow the Victoria health advice, venue health regulations. For any FAQs related ticketed events, or venue related concerns, please click on HOYTS Cinemas & Federation Square to understand their rules and regulations.

Wear Face Mask

Contactless Payments

Sanitise Your Hands

Avoid Littering

Stay Home If Unwell

Check-in using QR codes

Event Notification:

All events and film screenings for the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne 2021 is subject to Victorian COVID Restrictions of the respective day. To learn more about current COVID-19 restrictions, visit the Victorian Government coronavirus website or call the coronavirus hotline on 1800 675 398, open 24 hours, 7 days a week. or check our website closer to the event.

Any other concerns? Email us on