Mr. Paul Cox
Paul Cox is an auteur of international acclaim. He is one of the most prolific film makers in Australia, with numerous features, shorts and documentaries to his name. He is a filmmaker of incredible energy, persistence and vision. Cox's oeuvre is comprised of mostly cerebral work that challenges audiences and flies in the face of conventional Hollywood fare. Over a 35 year filmmaking career, the signature traits of Cox's work are a deep humanism, a poignant and realistic focus on relationships, eclecticism, and a profound affinity with the arts and human frailty. . A film festival favourite whose retrospectives include New York's prestigious Lincoln Centre, Cox is one of the true independent filmmakers in contemporary cinema.

Kabir Khan
As a documentary filmmaker Kabir has travelled to over 60 countries and won the Grand Jury Award at Film South Asia 2000, Best National Film Award at Mumbai Film Festival 2002 and several National Critics awards. In 2006 he stormed the world of features, winning the National Award for best New Director with Kabul Express. His second film New York was a hit with critics and he recently entered the blockbuster club with Ek Tha Tiger, currently the second highest grossing Bollywood film of all time. 

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