IFFM Guests

Rima Das

Rima Das, a celebrated Indian film director, screenwriter, and producer, is renowned for her compelling storytelling and evocative cinematic style. Her works offer profound insights into rural life and intimate portrayals of human emotions, earning her international acclaim. Her debut film "Village Rockstars" (2017) marked a global breakthrough as she single-handedly directed, wrote, produced, and served as the cinematographer. Shot on a shoestring budget with non-professional actors from her own village, the film won numerous awards and became India's official entry to the 91st Academy Awards.

Das's films authentically depict the struggles and dreams of marginalized communities, especially in Assam's rural landscapes. With subsequent works "Bulbul Can Sing" (2018), and her latest "Tora's Husband" (2022) the latter of which will be screened at IFFM 2023, Rima Das continues to showcase her powerful storytelling.

Rima Das remains an influential figure in the Indian film industry, inspiring aspiring filmmakers with her genuine narratives and mastery of her craft, establishing her as a significant voice in Indian cinema.

IFFM 2023 is thrilled to have Rima Das at ANZ Plus IFFM Awards Night 2023 on Friday, 11 August, at 7 PM, Hamer Hall.