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All films have English subtitles

Opening Film

IFFM Centrepiece Spotlight Film

Spotlight on Kartik Aaryan

Beyond Bollywood

From The Subcontinent

Short Films - Official Selection

All short films will be screened back-to-back.


Something for everyone...

The Moon is a Balloon

Films for children

Smash The Patriarchy

Stories with women in the lead that inspire gender equality

The Future is Female

Stories told by women filmmakers

Love is Love

Films about sexuality, spirituality, identity and love

Nobody Is Free Until Everybody Is Free

Stories of injustice, despair and human rights that resonate universally

Voices from the Heartland

Stories in languages and dialects less heard of reminding us of the true extent of Indian cinema

Climate Change

But what does climate change have to do with poverty, social deprivation and human rights?


Films about tracing our steps back, discovering our roots and who we are

Coming of Age

Films about the revelations of an adolescent's journey to self-discovery

Love, Longing And Loneliness

Stories that delve into profound human emotions of affection, yearning, and isolation

This Land is My Land

Films depicting the dire consequences of unjust displacement due to economic, social, or environmental changes


Films that are an exploration of one's unique sense of self, and the quest to define it