IFFM is committed to providing quality experiences for everyone. Check our program for details on Auslan interpreted events.

If you have a suggestion about improving our accessibility, or have questions about access to an event, please email info@iffm.com.au.

For Melbourne Recital Centre – Elisabeth Murdoch Hall
Stalls – Level 1
The front three rows of the Stalls [AA – CC] are removed when the orchestra pit or stage extension is in use. Row AA to row B are level to the ground. From row C, the seating gently rakes upwards to row K, then is stepped to row U, which is level with entry Doors 2 & 3. Rows R-U are underneath the Circle level. The height of the stage from the floor of the stalls is approximately one metre.

Circle & Wings – Level 2
The Circle has a central body of seats stepped upwards from row A. Row A is level with entry Doors 5 & 6. The side sections of the Circle, known as the East and West Wings respectively, have a lower and an upper level on each side. The front row of the Circle sits above row R of the Stalls. In the Upper Wings, seats 11 – 15 are level with entry Doors 5 & 6.

Easy Access Seating & Wheelchair Spaces
For the convenience of patrons who have restricted mobility but do not require the use of a wheelchair, Melbourne Recital Centre has identified locations within the auditorium where patrons do not need to use stairs to reach their seats. These seats are located in row U of the Stalls, row A of the Circle, and seats 11-15 of both upper wings. Accessible seating in the wings are also wider and have articulated, raising arm-rests.

Wheelchair accessible spaces are located in Stalls Row U and the Upper East Wing, all with Companion seating available. All seating and wheelchair spaces can be booked through all sales channels, including through this website.

Lifts & Escalators
Lift access is available to all foyer levels of the building and all backstage areas (except the Orchestra Pit). Escalator access is also available between Ground Level and foyer Level 1.

Accessible Toilets
There are accessible toilets located on all foyer levels and backstage areas of the Centre. Please ask our venue staff for assistance in locating the one nearest to your seating or working location.

Key service signs in the venue are also presented in Braille.