IFFM Ambassador
Vidya Balan is inarguably Indian cinema’s leading actor right now. In fact, she’s so big, that the iconic Salman Khan himself even suggested she be named as the fourth Khan. Or the Khans could change their name to Balan, he suggested.

Having paid her dues in music videos, commercials and TV shows, Vidya Balan shot her first movie in 2003. In the relatively short time since, this modest South Indian chameleon has not only become one of Indian cinema’s most respected actors and a genuine box office draw card, she has redefined how women are represented on screen, heralding a new naturalism and eschewing stereotypical roles.

Celebrated for her understated grace, she nevertheless makes bold choices that have paid big dividends, ending last year on top of the Indian box office with her fearless portrayal of an 1980s sexploitation starlet in The Dirty Picture, which you can catch during the festival. We’re thrilled that Vidya has agreed to represent the festival for us. We could not have asked for a better advocate.
Message from Vidya Balan
“Greetings, Melburnians! It was indeed an unexpected honour to be asked to perform the role of Festival Ambassador for the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne. But, as a fan of Melbourne and Indian cinema, it was a role I could not refuse. Many people do not realise just how broad the reach of Indian cinema is; how many genres and styles it produces. If I can help introduce any Australian movie lovers to the incredible industry I’m so proud to play a small part in, then I’m happy. And, as always, I’ll be sharing my love of Melbourne, how it shares our love of movies and music, with the people of India. Your city has been very kind to me during my previous visit so I’m honoured to return the favour. I sincerely hope you enjoy the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne and the wonderful world of Indian film. Have a great festival Melbourne!”
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